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I Kissed Dating Goodbye

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lj is my outlet for unspeakable truth [Jul. 17th, 2008|02:01 am]
I Kissed Dating Goodbye
So I go to a very good, Bible-believing, expository preaching church whose views on dating (along with everything theology related) are very similar to those of Josh Harris, Rick Holland, etc...

I recently started dating a boy from my church, to discover that dating is a very grey, murky area. I have been learning my lessons as I trudge through the murk, and I have my doubts, my regrets, my...uncertainties.

I started this livejournal as a means to express completely honestly what's on my mind and have people read and give me advice/feedback while remaining completely anonymous.

Please add me if you're interested, read my entries (I only have about one right now, but will be adding more as emotions pile up), and comment.